Berita Terkini


    The existence of Seni Karawitan Program of Study ISI Denpasar is integrated with the establishment of Akademi Seni Tari Indonesia (ASTI) Denpasar in 1967 by the Local Government of Bali Province. Karawitan Department was started in 1978 when in that time its graduates got Bachelor of Arts diploma. As an independent Department, Karawitan Department was formally formed in 1988 during the change of status from ASTI to Sekolah Tinggi Seni Indonesia (ISI) Denpasar, with the Decree of Education and Culture Minister No. 0445/0/1988, followed by Decree of President of Republic of Indonesia No. 22 year 1992. ISI Denpasar was established based on the Decree of President of Republic of Indonesia No. 33 year 2003 dated 26 May 2003, was the integration of ISI Denpasar with Seni Rupa and Desain Program of Study (PSSRD) Udayana University. To date, Karawitan Department has graduated 262 Sarjana Seni. The students at Karawitan Department are not only coming from Bali, they are also coming from other parts of Indonesia and also from other countries, such as from USA, England, Japan, Mexico and Hungary.

    The Balinese karawitan arts have been nationally and internationally famous. The richness of gamelan types (36 types) in Bali has been giving the opportunity to the existence and activities of ISI Denpasar to promote its interactions in arts. The Balinese arts and cultures that are very dynamic and flexible toward the development of global cultures is the main asset to the development of Karawitan Department and ISI Denpasar.