Dance Study Program


The Dance Study Program is one of the study programs at the ISI Denpasar Faculty of Performing Arts. This study program, which was established in 1967, teaches a variety of dances: classical, creation, and archipelago and examines dance life. In the midst of the rapid development of science and technology, the Dance Study Program wholeheartedly develops bodily qualities as a source of creativity in creating and presenting dance works. This is inseparable from the vision and mission of the Study Program to become a center of excellence for arts and culture and be able to compete with market needs in the Bachelor of Arts (S1) education level.

    Graduate Profile

    Profile of graduates of the Dance Study Program namely Bachelor of Arts who have superior competence, are competitive, reliable, and are able to apply cultural arts knowledge, dance skills and reasoning, and are ready to compete globally. The profile of graduates refers to qualifications as Assessors, Creators, Presenters, Coaches, and Entrepreneurs in the field of dance. Graduates have IQF level 6, with a Bachelor of Arts (S.Sn) degree.

    No Graduate Profile Capaian Pembelajaran
    1 Reviewer Able to scientifically study/research dance and cultural arts that encompass them by prioritizing the originality of ideas based on local wisdom with a universal outlook.
    2 Creator Able to create new dance works professionally, creatively and innovatively by prioritizing the originality of ideas based on local wisdom with a universal outlook
    3 Presenter Able to conserve and present traditional, creative and contemporary dance repertoire in a professional manner
    4 Coach Able to train, educate, and regenerate dancers in a non-formal educational institution, as well as dance inventory
    5 Entrepreneurs Able to produce, promote, distribute and market various performing arts products based on the principles of art, ethics, morals, customs and culture.

    The profile of graduates of the Dance Study Program contains graduate competency standards, which are structured into main competencies, and supporting competencies as well as other matters that support the achievement of objectives, for the implementation of the mission, and for the realization of the vision of the Dance Study Program. The competencies of graduates of the Dance Study Program are:

      1. Have the ability and skills in the field of creative and innovative dance creation by utilizing science and technology in accordance with the times.
      2. Able to carry out dance research systematically, in accordance with scientific principles based on ethics and intellectual honesty.
      3. Have a responsible attitude in the exploration, development, and preservation of the art of dance.
      4. Able to manage a dance show professionally.
      5. Able to account for dance works according to scientific principles.


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